Bold fonts and typography: the greatest and daringest of all.  Best of all!

Broken Grid Design: Grid design has existed for decades as a standard in site design.

However, we suggest you select the broken grid design to capture end-user attention and encourage conversions. While grid systems such as the 960 or Bootstrap receptive framework make the lives of designers much simpler, innovation and experimentation don’t leave much room.

So, instead of using an absolute rule, use the grid as a reference.

Vibrant palette of colours: use colors and tons of colours! Yeah. Even for sites with a B2B.

Activate the predictions that there will be 21.4 million smart speakers in the United States by 2020, as well as comScore and Google, both indicate that in exactly the same year 50 percent of searches will be done by voice.

We recommend that you search for existing keywords to check their relevance and add long tail keywords Adding a frequently asked questions page to your site is fast approaching Image Search Image analysis, particularly in the e-commerce field. The world’s e-commerce companies are taking advantage of the limitless possibilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide image search features for their customers.

Let me send you the eBay example, which was the first one to use image search. We feed the images of all the products listed available for your AI server and this has created a benchmark collection. Once the customer downloads the image of the product they are looking for, the eBay artificial intelligence server compares this image with those saved on the live list and displays the relevant results.